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We are London Business Advice. We are committed to helping you succeed in business. We provide professional one to one, bespoke business support as and when you need it, delivered by experienced business people.

What makes us qualified to tell you how to start, run or grow your business? Well unlike many so-called business advisers, every consultant at London Business Advice runs their own company. In other words, we’ve all been on your side of the desk, so we know exactly what it’s like and we understand the pressures and challenges you face.

So you can be assured that the advice, guidance and support you receive from us has been borne from our experiences of what it really takes to run a business. As our strap line says: real advice, real results!

At London Business Advice we can help through lots of different ways. Whether it’s one-off or on-going support, or several months’ intensive one-to-one consultancy – we simply want as many business owners, and aspiring business owners, as possible to access our help.

Essentially, London Business Advice offers professional one to one, bespoke business support as and when you need it, delivered by experienced business people.

So if you really want to know how to start up, or grow a successful business, then contact us today.

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About The Founder:

Andrew Ludlam


Andrew Ludlam founded London Business Advice as he is passionate about enterprise and the value it creates, not only for the business owner, but for society at large. Andrew also felt that what was really missing from the business support sector was good, honest (and useful) advice borne from the highs and lows of running his own companies.

Andrew’s ‘day job’ so to speak, is spent running Maverick Marketing Consultancy, which he started in 2008. Essentially Andrew helps professional service firms generate more leads and position themselves as experts in their industry. He has advised many hundreds of business owners one-to-one, and many more have attended his private training programmes.

What gives Andrew his unique edge, is his ability to look at almost any business and gain extra leverage from existing marketing activities – as well as – implement and recommend client attraction techniques, in an extremely clear, focused and practical way. Andrew is also the author of “Maverick Marketing: Essential Business-Building Strategies for Extraordinary Business Growth”.

Aside from Maverick Marketing Consultancy, Andrew is the founder of a number of other businesses including the Business Plan Writer, the Business Plan Network and the co-director of a health centre.

Andrew holds an honours degree in Psychology, is a member of the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management, and is a funding panel member for the Fredericks Foundation.

You can contact Andrew directly at andrew@londonbusinessadvice.co.uk