Business Growth

Business Start-up Support

One key outcome: to help accelerate the growth of your business…

At London Business Advice we can help grow your business. Simply put, we provide you with business growth strategies and tactics geared entirely at driving your business forward: hands-on, individualised, motivational and most of all – practical.

If your business has hit a wall, or you’re struggling to find a clear and profitable way forward, then our Business Growth Consultancy service could be the perfect solution.

This intensive business growth service is built around one key outcome: to help accelerate the growth of your business, through implementing a comprehensive set of business-building principles, and methodology.

How London Business Advice Can Help

Perhaps some (or several) of the following situations will be familiar to you:

  • You’re struggling to make any impact with your current marketing activities and you need help to target the right clients with the right message.
  • You’ve feel you’ve tried everything to grow and develop the business, but it has literally stagnated and you need an injection of fresh ideas and tactics.
  • You need some regular input into the business on the best and most effective marketing approaches to use.
  • Your business is broken – and you need some timely intervention and practical help.

How We Work

First of all, we start with an Opportunity Analysis session. This is the important navel-gazing bit.

We’ll take stock of your business is currently at, assess and appraise what is and isn’t working regarding business development – as well as dig deep and examine how you position yourself in the market place. In fact, we will consider everything that is relevant to how you currently drive your business forward.

This session will afford us the opportunity to gain an insight into the direction, results and goals you want to achieve for your business.

We will then formulate a proposal of strategy and activity to provide a clear way forward over the coming weeks and months – and more importantly – work together to actively implement these suggestions through regular meetings in person or over the phone.

At London Business Advice, we feel it's the most comprehensive coaching we provide: hands-on, individualised, continuous, motivational and above all practical.

To have a clearer idea of how this support could work for your business, here are some example case studies:

A professional consultant was finding it very difficult to grow her business and had run out of ideas. Through a series of consultations, we identified a specific niche for her to pursue and advised my client on a number of marketing strategies that would position her as ‘the expert’. As a result, she has now taken her business in a very different and profitable direction and within 6 months had been featured across the media and most recently on
national television.
The owner of a health clinic was stuck: her marketing simply wasn’t working, and patient enquiries had levelled off. I formulated a series of specific promotional activities, aimed at raising her local profile. As a result, the clinic has seen a weekly increase in patients, and enquiries continue to grow.
A training company was not generating enough leads, and finding it difficult to target the right clients with the right message – similarly take-up of workshops had deteriorated. We implemented a marketing strategy, which included specific lead-generation activities that would appeal to their target market. Within 12 months, the business has grown
by over 15%.

If you really want to start driving your business forward, then contact us today.